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Dental Implants

Have a single missing tooth? If it’s in the front of your mouth it’s likely bothering you more than if it’s in the back where it’s not seen. Both scenarios are causes for dental action —spaces between teeth tend to cause more issues like shifting teeth, a weakened bite, and an increased risk for gum disease.

Relaxed Restorative Dentistry Patient

Two Options that Close the Gap

Ashford Pointe Dental has two custom solutions to make your missing teeth a thing of the past:

  • Fixed Bridges. This procedure relies on the teeth surrounding the gap to support the replacement tooth. Teeth on either side of the gap are topped with dental crowns that are bonded directly to a ceramic tooth positioned in the center.
  • Single Tooth Implant. This procedure works by placing a small titanium post within the jawbone to recreate the root structure of the missing tooth. This is accomplished during a minor surgical procedure that’s completed in one appointment; the new root is then attached to a porcelain crown with a connector called an abutment.

“Such a pleasant experience!”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rodgers for about 10 years now and it always is a pleasant experience. This visit was very much the same.”

— Denise W.

“10 Years and Counting!”

“As always, Betty, my dental hygienist gave me a wonderful cleaning, and entertained me with conversation.”

— Linda C.

“Dr. Meredith is hilarious!”

“Dr. Meredith is hilarious! She is extremely knowledgeable, but also genuine, fun and funny. She explains everything in simple terms so you don’t feel talked at instead of talked to like you do with some docs.”

— J.S.

“Great Experience!”

“Amazing, informed staff. State of the art equipment. Great experience!”

— Bonnie M.

“I have been going to this practice for 10 years.”

“I have been going to this practice for 10 years. I have always found Dr. Rodgers to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I have started going to his new dentist, Meredith Hughes, and I like her very much.”

— Anonymous

“She’s fun to talk to”

“Dr. Meredith Hughes is a great addition to practice! She is gentle, and performs the procedure with calm and confidence. Plus, she’s fun to talk to!”

— Judy L.

“Always a good experience.”

“Always a good experience. Every procedure is done in a timely and efficient manner.”

— Shirley W.

“She gives me options and let’s me decide.”

“I have started going to his new dentist, Meredith Hughes, and I like her very much. Instead of forcing treatments on me, she gives me options and lets me decide. I liked it very much when she said, ‘I’m in the business of saving teeth.’ I have told my friends about her, and at least one of them wanted her address and phone number.”

— Linda C.

“Great doc, people & place.”

“Great doc, people & place. Friendly and professional, as it should be. I highly recommend!”

— T.C.

“I will return!”

“Staff was very nice! I will return!”

— Libby A.