We’re a Phone Call Away!


If you are having a dental 911, we are here to help. Whether it’s a sudden toothache or a chipped tooth due to an accident, you can always reach out to us for immediate assistance. Before heading to the ER for severe dental pain, give us a call first! Our team is expertly trained to handle urgent dental needs and can work you into our schedule same-day.

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Common Dental Emergencies

We’ve seen it all and empathize that dental emergencies are no fun. Our goal is to get your teeth back in shape ASAP by alleviating the pain and fixing the problem. Below we’ve listed our most common dental emergencies and some tips to help get you through before you head into the Ashford Pointe Dental office:


Many toothaches result because a piece of food is simply stuck between the teeth. Rinse and floss around the tooth as a first action. If that doesn’t help, a cavity or crack in the enamel might be the cause. Take an over-the-counter medicine, apply a cold compress to the face, and come see us as soon as you can.

Knocked out tooth

Recover the tooth, without touching the root, and gently rinse with water. Place the tooth under the tongue. This will keep it alive so we can replant it later. Try to come see us within an hour or so of the accident — this gives us the best possible chance of saving the tooth.

Chipped/broken tooth

Find as many pieces of the tooth that you can, and bring them to our office. Use a cold compress to reduce any swelling, and cover the remaining tooth so it doesn’t accidentally cut the inside of the mouth. You can use sugar-free gum to do this.

Broken crown/filling

Rinse off the restoration with some water, and try to place it back onto your tooth. If it keeps falling off, a dab of toothpaste should help. Avoid chewing with that part of your mouth until you can visit us.

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Dental Emergency FAQs

We’ve created a list of our most common frequently asked questions related to dental emergencies below. Take a look and don’t hesitate to call us for any questions you have. We are here to help!

I’m not sure if my situation counts as a dental emergency. What should I do?

If you’re experiencing any type of dental or oral pain, it’s wise to go ahead and give our office a call. We can help determine whether or not you need immediate treatment as well as walk you through first aid tips until you’re able to reach our office. It’s always better to be proactive rather than wait for an issue to become worse.

Should I still visit the emergency dentist even if my toothache goes away?

If you were experiencing a toothache caused by something stuck between your teeth, but you were able to remove it and feel fine, then you don’t need to come see us. However, if you had a toothache, and it “magically” went away on its own, this could mean that an infection is starting to attack the interior nerve of your tooth, which is a serious problem. Contact us right away in this situation, as waiting could allow harmful bacteria to do lasting damage.

Will my dental insurance cover emergency dental care?

Most dental insurance plans offer at least partial coverage for emergency visits and restorative treatments used to address urgent dental issues, such as fillings, crowns, extractions, and root canals. Every plan is different, however, and we’ll help you go over your benefits so you’ll know exactly what kind of savings you’re entitled to.

One of my child’s baby teeth was knocked out. Do I need to visit an emergency dentist?

Yes! If a baby tooth is dislodged due to an accident, you should bring your child to come see us right away. There may be damage to the surrounding teeth and gums that you can’t see, plus we might recommend that your child get a space maintainer, a custom-made device usually constructed of acrylic that’s made to ensure the surrounding teeth don’t drift into the gap and misalign over time.