Time for Renewed Smiles

Full & Partial Dentures

A tried and true replacement for missing teeth, custom-made dentures are reliable, safe, and effective. Natural-looking and more durable than ever, dentures are a great way to help patients rebuild their smiles and improve their quality of life, too. Dentures are custom-made ceramic teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base so each dental prosthetic has a realistic and natural appearance.

Relaxed Restorative Dentistry Patient

Depending on your needs, your denture options are:

Full Dentures

Intended to replace an entire row of teeth and sit directly on the gums, with the help of natural suction and denture adhesive.

Partial Dentures

Designed to replace multiple consecutive or nonconsecutive teeth along a single dental arch where healthy teeth still remain.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Secured directly to the jawbone using small titanium posts that stimulate new tooth root development, giving teeth the hold and security that’s unmatched by a removable denture solution.

The Denture Process

The denture journey starts with a consultation with one of our dentists. They will listen to your dental goals and issues, and examine your teeth, gums, and jaw. If you decide that dentures are the ideal option to help renew your smile, the team will get to work on making it happen.

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Traditional Dentures

  • The first step is to take a scan of your mouth.
  • You will then try on multiple mock-ups to find the perfect fit.
  • Next, your model will be cast and you will be fitted with your final denture.

Implant Dentures

  • The traditional denture process applies; plus, you will undergo a minor surgery to place the implants in your mouth.
  • Once your mouth is healed from surgery (two to three months), you will be fitted with your denture.

Let Our Patients Do the Talking

We are committed to you and your oral health. Why? Because we’re community members, too — your friends and neighbors — and we know that better oral health means a stronger, healthier community. But, don’t take our word for it — hear it straight from our patients:

“Such a pleasant experience!”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rodgers for about 10 years now and it always is a pleasant experience. This visit was very much the same.”

— Denise W.

“10 Years and Counting!”

“As always, Betty, my dental hygienist gave me a wonderful cleaning, and entertained me with conversation.”

— Linda C.

“Dr. Meredith is hilarious!”

“Dr. Meredith is hilarious! She is extremely knowledgeable, but also genuine, fun and funny. She explains everything in simple terms so you don’t feel talked at instead of talked to like you do with some docs.”

— J.S.

“Great Experience!”

“Amazing, informed staff. State of the art equipment. Great experience!”

— Bonnie M.

“I have been going to this practice for 10 years.”

“I have been going to this practice for 10 years. I have always found Dr. Rodgers to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I have started going to his new dentist, Meredith Hughes, and I like her very much.”

— Anonymous

“She’s fun to talk to”

“Dr. Meredith Hughes is a great addition to practice! She is gentle, and performs the procedure with calm and confidence. Plus, she’s fun to talk to!”

— Judy L.

“Always a good experience.”

“Always a good experience. Every procedure is done in a timely and efficient manner.”

— Shirley W.

“She gives me options and let’s me decide.”

“I have started going to his new dentist, Meredith Hughes, and I like her very much. Instead of forcing treatments on me, she gives me options and lets me decide. I liked it very much when she said, ‘I’m in the business of saving teeth.’ I have told my friends about her, and at least one of them wanted her address and phone number.”

— Linda C.

“Great doc, people & place.”

“Great doc, people & place. Friendly and professional, as it should be. I highly recommend!”

— T.C.

“I will return!”

“Staff was very nice! I will return!”

— Libby A.